Benro Filters

At New Zealand Photography Workshops, we believe in getting the best possible files straight out of the camera instead of manipulation at a later date. For that reason, we often use filters during the shooting process along with teaching the practice of using them on our workshops.
Filters allow you to expand your creative vision, capturing images which without having the adequate filters, simply wouldn’t be possible. They allow you to tackle high contrast scenes, imbalance exposures in landscapes and to limit the amount of light entering your camera to give long exposures.
Using filters as much as we do, we’ve had the chance collaboratively between our tutors to test various filter brands. We all come to the same conclusion, we think Benro offer the best filter system for use in landscape photography. Their design and unique features make them a pleasure to work with an offer unsurpassed optical quality.
We are happy to partner with Benro as a platinum sponsor to offer the use of their filters to the guest that join our workshops.

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1-Day Benro Workshops

Long Exposure Landscape

One day
31st October 2020
28th February 2021
Richard Young
South Coast, Wellington
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Long Exposure Landscape

One day
24th October 2020
13th February 2021
Ken Wright
Murrays Bay, Auckland