We want to know who your neighbours are, not next door, but in the wild! Partnering with Excio, our new competition challenges you to give us an insight into the other residents of your and our neighbourhood, Aotearoa.
Whether they be from the land, air or sea, send us in your best Wildlife Photography shots of all genre and style (for free) to be in with the chance of winning some great prizes from our sponsors! Dolphins and Dogs; Kaka and Kereru; Swans and Seals; Cats and Chimpanzees - the list is endless and opportunities are rife in these wonderful lands.
So we implore you to get out with your camera and explore this winter, whether that be just down the street or away in the mountains. We can't wait to see everything that's out there!


Thank's to our sponsors and partners, we have great prizes on offer for the winners of the competition.
Overall Winner
The 1st Place entry winner will receive:
Runners Up
The runner up entries will recieve:

Learn more about the competition and enter now by following this link and good luck!