Uta Machold

Well, I definitely had a great time again on our workshop out at Cape Palliser. Felt very happy and content when I was sitting in the plane to go back home, probably had a big smile on my face. It’s these kind of weekends when I realize how much I love photography and being out in the nature, the combination of both really, going to wild places in the nature and do nothing but concentrate on taking pictures. Again, I learned a number of things, thank you very much for that! You are doing a very good job in teaching the technical stuff but also to get your head around the topic, how to choose a good spot for shooting, to watch out for those little things that might look interesting in a picture … and to be patient and wait for the right moment

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Richard Young is a full-time landscape and wildlife photographer based in Wellington. He has been guiding groups of photographers in New Zealand since 2010 and founded New Zealand Photography Workshops in 2013.

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