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The best photography workshop ever!

I am a solo female traveler from India and was traveling to New Zealand for the first time. Since I was all by myself and did not know anybody in this new country, I signed up with New Zealand Photography Workshops for three photo tours. I enjoyed each one of them thoroughly. What is really special about Richard is that he is not only a great photographer but also an amazing tour guide! Also he is very thorough with camera settings and Lightroom and a great teacher. He makes it really simple to learn how to take great pictures! He is also extremely well organised and does not waste a single moment on the tour! And he is very professional and goes an extra mile to make sure your needs on the tour are met! I also needed my own pictures at various locations for my blog which Richard didn’t mind taking. In fact, he went out of his way to stop at cute little towns on our way, which he thought would make interesting content for my Instagram and blog - he didn’t have to do it but like I said he went an extra mile to help me! It was a fantastic introduction to the most beautiful country in the world! I highly recommend starting your travels in New Zealand with their workshops! You won’t regret it!

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