Debbie Sutton

A wonderful 17 day tour of the highlights of New Zealand's South Island . It was such a great experience on many levels and I thoroughly enjoyed every single moment - even getting out of bed for sunrise (once I was up!).

From my point of view the components that made the tour so good were: 1. The skills of the team to deal with a range of very diverse people in terms of their knowledge/experience, equipment, learning needs and recognise the teachable moments for that person and intervene to optimise their learning. 2. The combination of knowledge of where to go and how to schedule the tour to ensure variety and interest, combined with learning opportunities and teaching techniques (and encouragement) that improved my photography so much. 3. The organisation that underpinned the tour was fantastic. It all appeared to be very calm and totally under control. It was also great to have wonderful accommodation and dining options.
Overall, I really can't believe how much I learned over such a limited amount of time. I even came home with some great shots! In particular I think that I have a really developed some 'camera fitness' which means that I'm not thinking about the camera settings and technical aspects of my photography and can now focus more on the creative side - especially composition aspects. This should even improve my photography even more!

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