Chris Carmody

Richard prepared a one-day workshop tailored to my learning objectives after a preliminary discussion from across the Tasman Sea. I flew to Wellington from Sydney to do the workshop and Richard immediately made me feel very comfortable as he went about assessing where I was at, providing direct tuition and setting me some challenges. Richard delivered a well-planned schedule beginning with a discussion and some informal teaching in his studio before heading out to some beautiful, diverse but accessible locations in the environs of Wellington. There was plenty of time to seek clarification around my understandings and to learn many new tips and techniques. The travel time between locations was not wasted as we were able to talk about all things photography as well as Richard sharing his passion and knowledge of the natural beauty of New Zealand. I finished up truly inspired for my journey to the wonderfully scenic South Island of NZ.

About the Author
Richard Young is a full-time landscape and wildlife photographer based in Wellington. He has been guiding groups of photographers in New Zealand since 2010 and founded New Zealand Photography Workshops in 2013.

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