Bridget Sloane

I recently attend the Autumn colours workshop in Wanaka. I just wanted to say a huge thank you to both Rob and Richard.

Coming to these workshops means not having to scout out locations prior, instead you are taken to amazing locations with all the research having been done in relation to best time of the day in order to get the best possible photographs. This enables us to create some magic with what we end up capturing - or gives us the opportunity to create magic. The time you give and the willingness to share your knowledge to us all is amazing. It is also great that the first focus on helping us get good shots, other places I have been the tutors have been more about having people to go out and take photos with. My challenge now is to be able to capture something half as good on my own having done my own homework! Anyway, if you haven’t guessed I think your workshops etc are first class!
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