Anita Rooney

As I'm sure you are aware I thoroughly enjoyed every aspect of the tour (even the early mornings). Everything exceeded my expectations because having not done anything quite like this before I wasn't quite sure how it would all work and was  apprehensive about how my approach to and level of photography skills would stack up.

In general, I loved being out in the beautiful NZ environment in all weathers, in pristine environments, off the beaten track and taking the road less traveled. Your knowledge of and access to locations both public and private linked to the ability to flex the schedule to adapt to changing situations was remarkable. To travel for example, through the Nevis Valley away from everyone else was an extraordinary experience as was the local knowledge to dodge the tourist crowds.
In a way for me, the photography was secondary to being immersed in the landscape and the wildlife. The whole experience was also balanced by fantastic accommodation, food options and the opportunities to view and photograph historical, cultural and more urban settings.
The level of organisation, attention to detail and ability to pack each day with apparently endless highlights guaranteed to make  the trip memorable. Even though we were on the go all day, we squeezed the day for every opportunity and the rest times in Queenstown provided any necessary downtime. 
All three tutors were incredibly attentive, patient, accessible and able to make the complex appear achievable (even simple sometimes). No question seemed too stupid or request for help too annoying. Your explanations made sense and were provided at the teachable moment for me. As a teacher myself, I appreciated the scaffolding of my learning, the direct 1:1 tuition and feedback on my images and countless opportunities for interaction and watching how you all approached the art of photography.
Thank you (for me at least) for not being overly technical and reminding me of the importance of vision and getting it right in camera.
The best teachers know what to teach, how to teach and who they teach. Teaching adults with very diverse needs, experiences and abilities is no easy task yet you all displayed great interpersonal skills to facilitate the development of a relaxed and open teaching/learning environment. I loved the obvious passion you have for photography, the honesty of your interaction and the focus on us as clients. I always felt the priority was my learning and that of the group.

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