Duration: One day
Location: Christchurch
Price: $380

7th March 2021

Join us for a one day fine-art printing workshop and learn how to set up print files, using a colour managed workflow to turn them into professional grade prints. Our workshop has been designed to simplify the printing process, you will come away with the knowledge to print your own prints at home or to be sent to a lab.
The workshop shall be run by Richard Young, a professional and award winning landscape photographer. Richard has many years making large format, fine art prints. Working within Lightroom and printing for most of his career, he will teach you the refined printing workflow that he uses for his own gallery prints.
Using Lightroom, you will learn to edit for print, sharpening and soft proofing your own images. You will then learn how to print using a large format printer, the Epson Surecolour P800, onto different styles of the Epson Signature Worthy Fine Art Papers. Each paper providing you with entirely different impact, adding to the creative style of your photography. We will finish the workshop by turning one of your own images into a beautiful 16x22” Fine Art Print - a perfect souvenir to take home. You will leave with printing knowledge design to take the frustration and complexity out of printing your work, along with detailed notes covering the topics of the workshop and test prints on different types of fine art paper.


  • Tuition from Richard Young
  • 16x22" Fine Art Print of your own photograph
  • Paper samples / test prints to take home
  • Full workshop notes on printing & colour management
  • Paper profiles & test print files
  • Morning tea/coffee and a muffin


  • Printing Equipment
  • Style and Paper Choices
  • Colour Management Workflow
  • Making Print Ready RAW Files
  • Soft Proofing in Lightroom
  • Printing in Lightroom



  • Workshop Content

    Part 1: Equipment and Colour Management
    Before you can print you need to understand the basics of colour management to get to achieve accurate results when printing, we will cover this inclining:
    • Screen and printer calibration
    • Understanding colour space and rendering
    • Print sizing and DPI
    • Screen and printer calibration
    • ICC paper profiles & Installing them
    • Installing Epson printer drivers
    Part 2: Setting up Files
    One of the essential components to making prints is understanding how we make a print ready RAW file. This can be a frustrating and self deprecating task for photographers, however, it needn’t be using Lightroom. We shall cover all the essential tools you need to know to take your RAW files to the next level before printing, including:
    • Advanced techniques for developing your workflow
    • Addressing issues in your files
    • Controlling shadows and highlights
    • The advice of a professional photographer on making stylistic choices
    Part 3: Making Prints
    Once we have created our gorgeous images, we shall then prepare ourselves for the printing process. The course will cover in depth areas that are essential to understanding how you are able to achieve consistent, beautiful prints. This will include:
    • Sharpening for printing
    • Soft proofing (Making your image will look the same as it does on your screen)
    • Printing In Lightroom (or Photoshop)
    • Print Settings
    • Avoiding Print Problems
    PLEASE NOTE - Where we will be covering some processing on this workshop, this is not designed as a processing/Lightroom workshop but to teach the art of printing. If you have not used Lightroom before, or wish to learn a full image processing workflow in Lightroom, please look at our Lightroom Workshop which covers this.
  • Itinerary

    • 9:00am - Arrive for setup of your computer
    • 9:30am - Workshop begins
    • 12:30pm - 1hr lunch break
    • 1:30pm - Workshop restarts
    • 4:30pm - Workshop wrap-up
    • 5:00pm - Finish
  • Epson Equipment

    Epson Surecolour P800
    Thanks to Epson, we are able to offer the opportunity to print on their newest consumer based printer, the Surecolour P800. This printer offers professional quality standard, using the same inks as in a genuine workshop and the ability to print at formats up to A2+ and paper rolls. You can find more out about the printer here.
    Epson Signature Paper
    We will be printing on Epson’s great range of Signature Papers to add a ‘Signature look’ to your prints. Each paper has a designated different look, whether it be archival, matte or glossy. You will have the chance to test these out for yourself to see which suits you! Check out some of the range here.
  • Class Size

    We believe that working in a smaller group provides the best possible learning outcomes. Our printing workshops provide a tutor to student ratio of 1:4 or better. Group size is limited to 8, and with a group of 5 or more an assistant will be present to make sure everyone receives the attention they need.
  • Location & Facilities

    Comfortable conference room in central Christchurch.
  • Computer Requirements

    Your own Windows or Mac computer to the course (laptop or desktop)
    • Windows or Mac computer (laptop or desktop)
    • Computer mouse (not just a trackpad)
    • Computer power supply/cables
    • External hard drive (if you need files from it)
    • Empty USB stick
    • Lightroom CC Classic - Recommended
    • Photoshop - Optional
  • Booking & Payment

    A non-refundable deposit of NZD$100.00 is required to reserve your space for the workshop. The remaining balance is due 14 days prior to the start of the workshop. You may pay in full at time of booking, the balance (minus the deposit) will remain fully refundable until 14 days before the workshop.
    Booking and Cancellation Policy: Please click here for our booking and cancellation policy.
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Plus assistant for groups of 5-8
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