We are truly a lucky bunch here in New Zealand. Our neck of the woods provides such a vast array of diversity in the landscape that for us landscape photographers, it’s a dream to live here. These lands might look small on the map but they’re deceivingly large and if you’re only visiting, it can be terribly hard to choose where to head. To help, we like to keep you updated on the locations we visit with our tours and inspire you to come visit us, via photography, videography and with in depth information from our professional photographer tutors, locals based throughout the country. Have a look at some of our articles to find some inspiration to get yourself out there and shooting.



Golden Bay

Wharariki Beach: New Zealand’s best Coastal Landscape?

Tucked away in the northwest corner of the South Island lies a rugged gem of a photography location. With stunning island sculptures a short distance offshore and wind blown sand dunes, Wharariki Beach has a lot to offer a landscape photographer. I have made multiple trips to...
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Dawn over Lake Matheson

Lake Matheson: Mirroring the giants

At the right moments in a secluded forest along the West Coast, New Zealand’s two highest peaks become four. On windless days, the mirror images of Aoraki/Mount Cook and Mount Tasman (Horokoau) blossom upon the dark brown waters of Lake Matheson. At one time, the location of the...
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