Shooting Nikon

Choosing the right camera body for you is a deeply personal endeavour, with so many variables to consider and just as many to choose from. You and the camera you choose will go down on a lengthly journey, documenting the various places you shoot. Picking the right brand of camera can make this journey much more enjoyable, that’s why our professional tutors use Nikon bodies.

Each of us have used many camera over the years, but with Nikon, shooting feels far more intuitive than other cameras. From the moment you pick a body up, it feels secure in your hands and they stay truly sturdy as you go out and shoot.

With years of camera constructing expertise, we love to shoot with Nikon and hence partnered with them to provide the opportunity for everyone on our workshops to use Nikon bodies. On all of our workshops we have a spare camera on hand, occasionally on our tours having the latest in Nikon camera and lens technology so you can make the right decision for your needs.

Nikon Articles

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Long Exposures with the Nikon Z7 Mirrorless Camera. Review by Richard Young Whilst travelling through the Coromandel this spring, I had the opportunity to test out the brand new Nikon Z7 in the...
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