Experience everything Mt Cook National Park has to offer.  Be captivated by the rugged mountain terrain, and ever changing glacial landscape of the Southern Alps. Fly over the Tasman Terminal Lake and discover the stunning ice formations of the Hochstetter Icefall as you fly beneath the east face of Aoraki Mt Cook. Land in the upper reaches of the Tasman Glacier and enjoy the natural quiet of the magnificent Southern Alps.
Flight: 45min chartered flight in a ski plane
Catch the first low light on the alps and Mt Cook from the air as you glide over the Aoraki/Mt Cook National Park. We have shot a lot from these planes, through the windows (see below photos, taken from this flight from the windows) with the high wings are good for photography.


  • Aoraki/Mt Cook East Face
  • Hochstetter Icefall
  • Tasman Glacier