Join us for a day of great photographic opportunity in the Botanic Gardens, thanks to Wellington City Council on the 6th of April 2019.
We have kindly been provided with the Begonia House for the day to shoot, an offer not normally offered unto the public!
During the day we shall also be hosting an Autumnal Photo Walk throughout the gardens.
This event runs in conjunction with the Wellington Botanical Garden's 150th Birthday, for which we have partnered with Excio to present a photo competition spanning the year - Fresh Shoots.
The competition has three different categories you may enter: Nature, People and Events and Creative. It is also been split into four quarterly competitions based on each of the four seasons.
There are numerous great prizes to be won in both Junior and Senior categories each season.

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Day Overview for 6th April 2019

2pm - Autumn Photo Walk

From 2pm, meeting outside the Begonia House, join tutors of New Zealand Photography Workshops for a photo walk in the Botanic Gardens where we will be capturing their beautiful Autumn settings and colours. This is an ample chance to meet other photographers from Wellington, learn some new skills and try some new gear!

4pm - Photography inside the Begonia House

At 4pm, following our walk, registered participants for the event will have the exclusive opportunity to photograph inside the Begonia House (generally a no-photography zone). The house is packed with an array of astounding flora and spectacular Macro Photography - it’s also nice and warm even on a cold day! Photographers will be allowed to set up tripods to make the most of the photographic splendour.

Learn more about the competition and enter now by following this link and good luck!