Workshop Gift Vouchers

Looking for a truly unique gift? A workshop gift voucher makes a very special gift for any photographer. $295 – 1-Day Workshop (or deposit for longer workshop) $400 – 4-Day Workshop Deposit (or deposit for longer tours) $1,190 – Weekend Workshop (or deposit for...

Nature First – Silver Partner

We have committed to the seven principles of the Nature First Movement and have become their first Silver Partner. For us, this means following the principles and encouraging photographers who come on our courses and tours to do the same. You can find out more about this cause as...

NZPhotographer – NZ Photography Competition

Join Us on a Quest to Showcase the Beauty of New Zealand! Take part in showcasing New Zealand in all its beauty – from the breathtaking scenery and the wonderful people who live here to your fine art photos, we want to see it all. Judged by award-winning expert...

WINNERS – NZPhotographer Landscape Competition

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Piha Beach Clean Up – Doing #PhotographyforGood

As many of you would agree, New Zealand is a truly amazing place – it is a small country on the map, but for photographers, its landscapes, nature, and wildlife present endless photo opportunities. Taking care of the environment and our nature is an important step that...
Pocket Guide To Landscape & Wildlife Photography

Pocket Guide To Digital Photography

This great guide provides all the best tips, tricks and camera settings for digital photography, its pocket size makes it perfect to keep in your camera bag. You receive one of these Pocket Guide To Digital Photography free on all our 1-day workshops.  

Tours for Aotearoa

“We are passionate about New Zealand and its stunning landscapes and wildlife. We pride ourselves on our ability to offer unique experiences, to inform and inspire.”