Fresh Shoots Photo Competition

  Join us on April 6th 2019 in the Begonia House of the Wellington Botanic Gardens for the perfect opportunity to shoot for the competition. We will be hosting various events throughout the day including photo walks, tuition, presentations from some of New Zealand’s...

How To Photograph Macro Photography

Learn How To Photograph Macro Photography: Macro Photography tips Control the depth of field: You want the person looking at the photograph to be easily able to see what your subject is, not be distracted by other things in the photograph. Use a large aperture (eg f2.8 or f4) to...

Benro FH100M2 Filter System Review

Benro FH100M2 Filter System Review review by Richard Young Filters have always been an essential part of my landscape photography. I really enjoy the process of using them; the creative element they add to my landscape work and the reduction in post-production by capturing what I...
Nikon Z7 Review - Sample Pictures New Zealand

Long Exposures with the Nikon Z7

Long Exposures with the Nikon Z7 Mirrorless Camera. Review by Richard Young Whilst travelling through the Coromandel this spring, I had the opportunity to test out the brand new Nikon Z7 in the field. Fittingly, we headed to one of New Zealand’s most iconic beaches –...

How To Photograph River Landscapes

Learn How To Photograph River Landscapes: River landscape photography tips Capture some movement: Using a longer shutter speed will allow you to capture the movement of the river. If you are doing this you will need to use a tripod to avoid blurring the whole picture. Look for an...

How To Photograph Black And White Landscapes

Learn How To Photograph Black And White Landscapes: Black and White landscape photography tips Contrast: A powerful black and white photograph requires some contrast. Look for subjects that have luminosity (brightness) that contrast each other. Try composing a bright subject...

Wildlife photography tips

Wildlife photography tips by Richard Young
How To Photograph Winter Landscapes

How To Photograph Winter Landscapes

Winter landscape photography tips: Learn how to photograph winter landscapes. Frozen River, Tongariro National Park Pick your subject: While grand snow-covered vistas work well, sometimes smaller more intimate scenes can make the best photographs. Pick an interesting subject, so...
Mt Cook

Capturing Alpine Light

Capturing Alpine Light: Learn how to capture the best light on alpine peaks. Capture sunrise and sunset in the mountians on our 4-day Mt Cook Landscape Masterclass workshop or our  Weekend Tongariro Landscape Workshop
How to Photograph  Forests - Photography Tips

How To Photograph Forests

Forest photography tips: Learn how to photograph forests. Get the leaves in focus If you are singling out a subject in your shot, like a particularly stunning tree, make sure that this is in focus along with any ferns or plants on the ground. If you are photographing in low light...