Richard Young is a full-time landscape and wildlife photographer based in Wellington. He has been guiding groups of photographers in New Zealand since 2010, and in 2013, he founded New Zealand Photography Workshops.

Richard’s photography has been recognised in numerous competitions, including awards at The International Landscape Photographer of the Year, The Fine Art Photography Awards, The International Photography Awards. Richard also won the ‘Best Landscape Photograph’ at the Banff Mountain Photography Competition. His work has been widely exhibited across New Zealand, Canada, America and England in both solo and group exhibitions along with his gallery space in Plimmerton. His love and knowledge of the process of fine-art-printing has made him an ambassador for Epson Printers & Paper.

He has spent time hiking and climbing in some of the country’s most remote and wild places, capturing photographs of awe-inspiring and unspoilt places. Richard has also travelled extensively, including across Africa, building a reputation as a fine wildlife photographer as well as adding to his landscape portfolio.

Richard is also a brand ambassador for Benro Filters & Tripods.


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Blog Posts

How To Photograph Long Exposure Photography

Learn How To Photograph Long Exposure Photography: Long Exposure Photography tips Long Exposure Landscape Photography: By using longer shutter speeds you can capture movement within the landscape. Long exposures are best suited to landscapes with dynamic movement (e.g. the coast,...

How To Photograph Macro Photography

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Benro FH100M2 Filter System Review

Benro FH100M2 Filter System Review review by Richard Young Filters have always been an essential part of my landscape photography. I really enjoy the process of using them; the creative element they add to my landscape work and the reduction in post-production by capturing what I...
Nikon Z7 Review - Sample Pictures New Zealand

Long Exposures with the Nikon Z7

Long Exposures with the Nikon Z7 Mirrorless Camera. Review by Richard Young Whilst travelling through the Coromandel this spring, I had the opportunity to test out the brand new Nikon Z7 in the field. Fittingly, we headed to one of New Zealand’s most iconic beaches –...

How To Photograph River Landscapes

Learn How To Photograph River Landscapes: River landscape photography tips Capture some movement: Using a longer shutter speed will allow you to capture the movement of the river. If you are doing this you will need to use a tripod to avoid blurring the whole picture. Look for an...

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Yellow Eyed Penguin

Wildlife photography tips

Wildlife photography tips by Richard Young
How To Photograph Winter Landscapes

How To Photograph Winter Landscapes

Winter landscape photography tips: Learn how to photograph winter landscapes. Frozen River, Tongariro National Park Pick your subject: While grand snow-covered vistas work well, sometimes smaller more intimate scenes can make the best photographs. Pick an interesting subject, so...
Mt Cook

Capturing Alpine Light

Capturing Alpine Light: Learn how to capture the best light on alpine peaks. Capture sunrise and sunset in the mountians on our 4-day Mt Cook Landscape Masterclass workshop or our  Weekend Tongariro Landscape Workshop