Richard Young is a full-time landscape and wildlife photographer based in Wanaka. He has been guiding groups of photographers in New Zealand since 2010, and in 2013, he founded New Zealand Photography Workshops.

Richard’s photography has been recognised in numerous competitions, including awards at The International Landscape Photographer of the Year, The Fine Art Photography Awards, The International Photography Awards. Richard also won the ‘Best Landscape Photograph’ at the Banff Mountain Photography Competition. His work has been widely exhibited across New Zealand, Canada, America and England in both solo and group exhibitions along with his gallery space in Plimmerton. His love and knowledge of the process of fine-art-printing has made him an ambassador for Epson Printers & Paper.

He has spent time hiking and climbing in some of the country’s most remote and wild places, capturing photographs of awe-inspiring and unspoilt places. Richard has also travelled extensively, including across Africa, building a reputation as a fine wildlife photographer as well as adding to his landscape portfolio.

Richard is also a brand ambassador for Benro Filters & Tripods.


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Blog Posts

How To Photograph Autumn Colours

Learn How To Photograph Autumn Colours: Autumn Colours Photography tips by Richard Young Autumn Colours Autumn offers one of the best times for photography with landscapes that are full of burnt oranges, warm yellows, and other beautiful autumn shades. Select subjects that make...
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Is It Photoshopped? – Richard Young

“You don’t take a photograph, you make it.” – Ansel Adams Photoshopped images have become somewhat of a taboo among the general public. With today’s technology, artists can manipulate reality so convincingly that viewers have learned to assess the integrity of an image by aski...
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Expressive Processing – Richard Young

When a student asks me how to process their image, I always feel a little hesitant in directing them. I can show them what tools to use, where to set each slider, and how to crop the image—there is nothing wrong with imparting such information. But in doing so, I run the risk of...
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Black Beaches

The deep shadows of floating islands and black sand beaches define the structure, transitions of tones within the sky and sea guide your eye across the image, the luminosity helps connect distant parts of the frame. All this can be lost if our eye is caught by unwanted...
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What are you Photographing?

Often while immersed in capturing a stunning landscape, bathed in beautiful warm light at sunset, a passer-by will stop to talk to me. The first and more than likely only question will typically be; “what are you photographing?” As if there is something that they are missing...
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Mt Ngauruhoe

Discovering Style and Vision

An Introduction to Style and Vision “How do we find our unique expression of the world, and how can we convey this to the viewer?” Achieving competence in photography is easy enough; with some basic technical understanding, almost anybody can create a good photograph. In the age...
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Shooting Sharp Landscapes

  How important is sharpness? Well, this depends on the end-use of your image. If you are only ever going to display your image at a maximum size of 1200 pixel on Instagram, Facebook or a website, I would say not very. If however, you intend to make large scale prints of an...
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Piha Beach Clean Up – Doing #PhotographyforGood

As many of you would agree, New Zealand is a truly amazing place – it is a small country on the map, but for photographers, its landscapes, nature, and wildlife present endless photo opportunities. Taking care of the environment and our nature is an important step that...
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Togcast – Photography Podcast with Richard Young

Togcast – Photography Podcast with Richard Young Listen to New Zealand Photography Workshops tutor and founder Richard Young chatting to Paul Sanders from The Togcast – Photography Podcast about all things New Zealand, Workshops and Printing.
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