Expand your skills and techniques on our tours while travelling to the best locations
Our one day workshops focus on building key fundamentals to growing your skills
Our masterclass workshops focus on three key topics to expand your skills
Tour with a top New Zealand photographer to help you with every shot on a private tour


You will visit amazing landscapes on our tours that showcase New Zealand at its best
Gain tuition on a one day workshop and ask any questions you may have of two professional photographers in a small group of only 6-8
You’ll experience small group adventures on masterclass workshops in unique locations across the country
A flexible, personalised itinerary that is tailored around your photography on our private tours

New Zealand Photography Tours


Get inspiration and motivation on our tours by being immersed in your photography
Take home newfound abilities from a one day workshop to show off to friends and family
Meet people who share your passion on a masterclass workshop and receive constructive critique
Draw inspiration on a private tour from capturing your favourite New Zealand locations