Ken Wright’s seascapes speak for themselves, outstanding moments in time that capture sunrise and sunset.

With 40 years experience in creative industries, Ken is highly skilled in design, illustration and photography. “My background as a professional designer has given me an advantage with composition and an ability to look at a scene from a different angle.

Kens’ passion lies in landscape photography and seascapes in particular. “I am lucky enough to be surrounded by a diverse array of landscapes, The Bay of Plenty has a plethora of beaches and waterfalls.

Ken specialises in slow shutter speed, low light, water-in-motion images – “I love creating images that make you want to be there”. Fascinated by the patterns made by streaming water over sand and rocks, images that are best captured by long exposures to reveal the water movement.

Shooting ultra wide angle at 16mm makes the viewers feel as though they’re going to get their feet wet simply by looking at my photographs.

20 years experience in digital imaging and photo retouching knowledge is available for you to tap into. Ken will be able to help you with Lightroom, Photoshop and HDR to bring your images to life.


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