Instructions to send an International Payment to New Zealand Photography Workshops Ltd.


Details for use by the sending bank

“Please arrange an international telegraphic transfer / SWIFT MT103 payment direct to ANZ Bank New Zealand Limited (SWIFT code ANZBNZ22).”


Beneficiary Bank: ANZ Bank New Zealand Limited (SWIFT code ANZBNZ22)


Beneficiary Bank Address: ANZ ANZ Porirua, 2 Kilkerran Pl, Porirua 5022, New Zealand


Beneficiary Bank City: Porirua, New Zealand


Account Holder Name: New Zealand Photography Workshops Ltd.


Account Holder Address: New Zealand Photography Workshops Ltd, Unit 22 – 2 North Point Street, Plimmerton, Porirua, 5026, New Zealand


IBAN NO: 060549


Account Number Please see the invoice we sent you


Note for sending bank

New Zealand AML/CFT legislation requires all inward payment instructions to New Zealand include the following:

  • The originator’s full name, and
  • The originator’s account number, and
  • The originator’s business or residential address, or a. the originator’s national identity number, or
  • The originator’s customer identification number, as given to them by the ordering institution, or
  • The originator’s date, city and country of birth (if originator is an individual)
  • Please ensure this information is included in Field 50 of your SWIFT instruction.


Credit card payments

We can process credit card payments, these will be at a surcharge of 3.4% to cover our bank’s credit card fees. Please contact us to arrange a credit card payment