Creative Auckland-based photographer, Gail Stent, has developed a passion for Fine Art photography over the years. She uses her camera and post production techniques to create images as a form of self expression, evoking emotions in the viewer. “ I love creating images that I see in my head”.

For Gail, photography is a way of seeing, thinking and feeling. She connects deeply with nature and being behind the camera is a form of meditation for her, being in the “now” and connecting and reacting with the natural environment.

Specialising in macro, underwater portraits, in-camera creativity and composites, Gail also explores and embraces many other avenues of photography from sport to landscape. With many years of digital editing and creating composites, she has a vast knowledge of Lightroom and Photoshop to bring images to life.

Gail has won awards for her images Nationally and Internationally, and has exhibited in the Auckland Festival of photography for quite a few years, including being in a collaborative exhibition which was selected for the 2020 Auckland Festival of Photography CORE exhibition.

Her love for photography extends to sharing her knowledge in the form of teaching. Gail has been teaching photography and Lightroom and Photoshop since 2016. She also holds a Fellowship with the Photographic Society of New Zealand.



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