Edin is seabird scientist based in Auckland and an award-winning wildlife photographer. A mix of research, volunteering and expedition guiding sees her working in some of the most remote places in Aotearoa – from the Kermadec to the Chatham and subantarctic islands.

Her doctoral research is investigating how several shearwater species respond to the changing climate by altering their physiology and foraging behaviours. By mixing science with storytelling through photography, her goal is to create a window into the lives of our lesser known native species.

In 2019 she published The Brilliance of Birds with Skye Wishart, showcasing the quirky diversity of birdlife in Aotearoa. Edin’s photography has a strong conservation lens and her work has appeared in Forest & Bird and Birdlife Australia magazines. She is a regular finalist in the New Zealand Geographic Photographer of the Year awards.


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