“We are here to demonstrate that Tourism and Conservation go hand in hand, and we believe this to be fundamental for the protection and preservation of our land for future generations ”

Caring For the Environment

The environment found in New Zealand is unique in limitless ways and infinite in beauty. However, the native environment, it’s flora and fauna is under numerous threats. As the environment provides us with means to host our photography tours we are driven to ensure that it is protected and preserved for future generations. To do this we have made the Tiaki Promise. The Tiaki Promise is a commitment to New Zealand. To act as a guardian, protecting and preserving our home.

In accordance with our promise and our company’s sustainability philosophy, we sponsor and donate to various programs throughout the country including; National Park conservation, habitat protection for marine species, by supporting local the Penguin & Sealion Trusts – we aim to leave a positive local impact wherever our tours visit.

Below are some of the organisations we are supporting in 2019, each with a special purpose.

Project Tongariro Conservation Project

Tongariro National Park is a region with deep cultural, spiritual and historical significance, its stunning landscapes, biodiversity and native flora and fauna make incredibly precious to the people of New Zealand. At the heart of The Park is Lake Rotoponamu, here we have adopted two hectares of land and our donation goes towards maintaining these hectares and controlling pests in the area. If you’d like to know more about Projest Tongariro you can learn more here

West Coast Penguin Trust

For our West Coast tour we take customers to visit the penguins, because ww enjoy photographing these threatened species we feel we need to make every effort to protect the wildlife in this area. This trust protects the blue penguins (korora), Fiordland crested penguins (tawaki) and other threatened seabirds. You can learn more here.

New Zealand Sea Lion Trust

Founded in 2003 The New Zealand Sea Lion Trust exists to provide protection to and education about this critically endangered marine mammal species. We run tours through this area as we hold a DOC Marine Mammals Permit to take our tours to visit these amazing creatures we felt we need to support the efforts of this small charity. You can learn more about the Trust here.

Abel Tasman Birdsong Trust

We also donate to the Abel Tasman Birdsong Trust to preserve the natural resources in this area. We donate to this trust to plant trees in Abel Tasman National Park to offset the carbon of our tours. This trust aims to pioneer a culture of philanthropy from the park’s international guests, directly funding the planning, eco-sourcing, propagation, planting and maintenance of native tree restorations in local protected areas, this initiative fits well with our company’s philosophy of preservation and conservation. here.

Matukituki Charitable Trust

The Matukituki valleys are iconic valleys within Aspiring National Park. Steeped in history from before the times of the first ascent of Mt Aspiring/Tititea. We donate to the Matikutuki Charitable Trust which has been established to ensure that the valley's natural attributes are protected and enhanced. The Trust aims to restore the habitat and increase the population of all native flora and fauna, but particularly those species that make the valley special, such as kea, whio, South Island robin, rock wren, South Island kaka, South Island rifleman, braided river birds, South Island long tailed bat, several species of lizards, and scarlet mistletoe.

You can read more about our commitments to Aotearoa and Sustainability here.