Piha Beach Clean Up – Doing #PhotographyforGood

As many of you would agree, New Zealand is a truly amazing place – it is a small country on the map, but for photographers, its landscapes, nature, and wildlife present endless photo opportunities. Taking care of the environment and our nature is an important step that everyone should take, but especially us photographers as without it, our photography careers and passion for capturing the beauty would cease to exist. When out there taking photos it is our chance to help preserve the beauty not just on the photographs but also in real life. It’s important to behave responsibly as photographers, you know the saying, take only photos, leave only footsteps!

That’s why it was a privilege to join Peak Design along with a group of 60+ environmentally conscious photographers on 19th October to clean up Piha Beach. It was an exciting event that managed to combine our passion for photography with doing good and it was great to be able to capture the fun as well as some beachscapes whilst getting to know people, talking photography and the environment. Photography is truly a universal language and by spreading good messages and helping the environment we can all make a difference, one photo at a time.

This time, we cleared Piha Beach of more than 100 litres of rubbish making the environment not only a nicer place for us photographers to visit but more importantly, a healthier environment for our West Coast wildlife.

The event was organised by Peak Design who recently launched their Project Climate Neutral which encourages all brands to take meaningful action on climate change. This something New Zealand Photography Workshops takes seriously too, trying to reduce the impact or our workshops and tour this year, we have joined the Abel Tasman Tree Collective to fund native tree planting and offset our carbon footprint. We also care deeply for the places we visit and the wildlife we photograph, as it is important we can return to photograph this in future years. Some of the projects we have been involved in this year also include adopting 2 hectares on the side of Lake Rotopounamu in Tongariro National Park and donating to both the New Zealand Sea Lion Trust and the West Coast Penguin Trust to support the work they do to look after these threatened species.

Of course, incentives always help us get up off the sofa and out to do good, that's why Peak Design ran a photo competition at the same time – Congratulations to the winner Lambert Laluz (@capturedby.thelight) and some of the other entries that are featured on the following pages.
More events like this will be organised by Peak Design in the future and of course, NZPW with Excio and NZPhotographer will continue to share the message of photographers who are raising awareness and doing good with their photography so if you're feeling inspired, ponder for a moment – 
Photo Credit: Lambert Laluz (@capturedby.thelight)

Photos captured on Nikon D850 with an 8-15mm Fish Eye Lens

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