How To Photograph Panorama Photography

Learn How To Photograph Panoramic Landscape Photography: Panorama Photography tips


The best locations for panoramic images are places that overlook the landscape, i.e. standing on the top of a mountain, looking down from an elevated viewpoint or on the shore of a lake.


The best light of the day is usually early morning or late during the “Golden Hour” when low light shows more detail across the landscape. It is important to shoot a panorama that has even light from one side to the other, else it will lead to problems with overall exposure, so consider your angle to the sun.


Unless you have specialised calibrated panoramic equipment avoid taking photos with objects in the immediate foreground. Photos with objects in the foreground can be difficult to stitch together and create a distorted image.

Quick Guide for Shooting a Panorama

    1. Set the tripod on a firm surface and check it is level.
    1. Set all camera settings to manual, including white balance.
    1. Check camera focus and then disable autofocus.
    1. Take a single picture and check the exposure.
    1. Start your pano from the left. Take your first photo and rotate the camera right, allowing images to overlap by at least 20%.
  1. Visually inspect all images on the LCD to make sure that you do not have any problems with your setup.
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