How To Photograph Forests

Forest photography tips: Learn how to photograph forests.

How to Photograph Forests - Photography Tips

Get the leaves in focus

If you are singling out a subject in your shot, like a particularly stunning tree, make sure that this is in focus along with any ferns or plants on the ground. If you are photographing in low light on an overcast day you will need to use a tripod or select a higher ISO to get a shutter speed which is fast enough for a sharp image.

Find a subject

When it comes to photographing in the bush it is often hard to know where to point your camera. If you are not careful you end up with a cluttered shot of lots of trees, you need to single out a subject for your shot. This could be a particularly stunning tree, a splash of a contrasting colour, or a pattern in the trees that simply begs you to photograph it.

Capture the forest floor

Often the forest floor is covered in lush ferns and other beautiful small plants; include these in your shot. Sometimes these on their own can make the best shot. Getting down low to photograph them works best.

Photography on a overcast day

Photographing in the forest on a bright day is hard, the hash light creates a great deal of contrast and makes exposure more difficult. If possible head out on an overcast day. Unusual lighting and weather can make a more unique photograph of the forest. Sun can occasionally add to an image if you can capture rays of light breaking through the trees.

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