Why go on a Photography Workshop?

New Zealand Photography Workshops

Photography workshops are very different to a photography course, you will spend time shooting on location, not in a classroom, learning new skills and techniques. Whether you are a complete beginner, a keen amateur, or an experienced photographer, you can benefit from a workshop to help you to get the most from your photography. Weekend and week-long location workshops offer more than just guided tours, they are designed to be ‘educational vacations’ led by a professional photography instructor and guide, you will leave motivated and inspired!

Why go on a Photography Workshop?

  • Expand your skills and learn new techniques
  • Get inspiration and motivation
  • Have the opportunity to learn from a professional photographer and develop your own unique style
  • Meet people who share your passion
  • Visit amazing pre-visited locations at the best times of the day
  • Receive constructive critique of your photos

Don’t think a group workshop is for you? Then personalized one-on-one tuition which can be tailored to suit your individual photographic needs.

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