Lake Matheson: Mirroring the giants

Dawn over Lake Matheson

At the right moments in a secluded forest along the West Coast, New Zealand’s two highest peaks become four.

On windless days, the mirror images of Aoraki/Mount Cook and Mount Tasman (Horokoau) blossom upon the dark brown waters of Lake Matheson. At one time, the location of the lake was buried under the expanse of nearby Fox Glacier. Boulders beneath the ice ground away at the area, creating a large depression.

The glacier began retreating from its last significant advance some 14,000 years ago, leaving the depression behind. A forest began to flourish around its edges. Slowly, rainwater mixed with leaves and other organic material to form the dark brown lake: a perfect reflecting surface situated beneath the two prominent summits.

Lake Matheson is just one of many stunning natural areas we will be visiting in September as part of a seven-day photography tour along the West Coast. Come capture this stunning vista during a unique winter trip that is tailored to take advantage of prime lighting in the Southern Alps.

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