New Zealand Photography Tours

About Our Tours


Expand your skills and techniques while traveling to the top locations


You will visit amazing landscapes that showcase New Zealand at its best


Get inspiration and motivation by being immersed in your photography

Our multi-day New Zealand photography tours have been designed by our top New Zealand photographers who have spent many years traveling and photographing within New Zealand. With our knowledgeable guides, you will visit some of New Zealand’s most stunning and inspirational locations, where you will spend time learning new skills and techniques. Through being immersed in your photography will enhance your skill set so you can get the best out of your photography. You will leave the tour with a great portfolio of New Zealand images of the country’s most iconic landscapes alongside some our more hidden gems.

17 Day Tours

Ultimate New Zealand Photo Tour

17 days
27st April - 13th May 2019
Otago - Fiordland - Catlins - Mt Cook
$10,795 (NZD)

South Island Highlights Photo Tour

14th - 30th September 2018
2019 Date: 13th - 29th September
Mt Cook - West Coast - Golden Bay
$8,995 (NZD)$8,995 (NZD)

12 Day Tours

New Zealand Icons Photography Tour

12 days
2nd - 13th May 2019
Fiordland - Catlins - Mt Cook
$7,995 (NZD)

NZ World Heritage Photography Tour

12 days
14th - 25th September 2018
2019 Date: 13th - 24th September
Mt Cook - West Coast
$6,395 (NZD)Book now $6,395 (NZD)

7 Day Tours

Wild South Island Photo Tour

7 days
7th - 13th May 2019
Catlins - Otago Peninsula - Mt Cook
$4,495 (NZD)

West Coast Wilderness Photo Tour

7 days
19th - 25th September 2018
2019 Date: 18th - 24th September
West Coast
$3,995 (NZD)Book now - $3,995 (NZD)

Volcanic North Island Photo Tour

7 days
21st - 27th November 2018
2019 Date: 20th - 26th November
Coromandel - Tongariro - Taranaki
$4,495 (NZD)

4 Day Tours

Golden Bay Photography Tour

27th - 30th September 2018
Golden Bay

Fiordland Photography Tour

4 Day
2nd - 5th May 2019
Milford & Doubtful Sound