We are a retailer for Benro filters, as many people have had trouble buying good quality filters after learning how to use them on our workshops. Benro Filters are one of the top brands of filters and what we recommend. Below are the RRP for BENRO filters in NZ, these are available to order direct from us at this price.

Benro Filter Kits

Benro 100mm Master Filter System

  • Benro FH100 Filter Holder     –     $75
  • Adapter Ring (to fit holder on lens) 72mm, 77mm, 82mm, 86mm or 95mm     –      $92
  • Step Down ring (to fit above adapter ring onto smaller lens threads eg 67, 58, 52mm)     –     $16
  • Benro 100mm filter case & pouch – to protect your filters     –     $66
  • Benro 100mm light tent – to stop light leak on long exposures     –     $12
  • Benro 75mm or 150mm systems – can also be supplied please ask for pricing
  • We can supply all Benro filters and please ask any not listed below
  • P&P $15 or free pick up on workshops


Solid ND filters

Solid ND filters are used to reduce exposure in landscape photography, often to capture flowing water and long exposures.

  • Benro FH100 Master Series Solid ND Filter – available in 4, 6 and 10 stops     –     $159


Graduated ND Filters

Graduated ND filters are used to help balance bright skies in landscape photography, these filters are available in both hard and soft graduations.

  • Benro FH100 Master Series Hard Graduate Filter  – available in 2, 3 and 4 stop     –     $189
  • Benro FH100 Master Series Soft Graduate Filter  – available in 2, 3 and 4 stop    –     $189
  • Benro FH100 Master Series Reverse Graduate Filter  – available in 2 & 3 stop    –     $200


Polarizing Filter

  • Benro 82mm Extra Slim Polarizer – special extra slim CPL to fit on front of the 100mm filter holder     –     $141


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